Federal Income Tax Provision and Return Software (FIT)

Efficiently prepare the current and deferred federal income tax provision, Note 9 for E/F and printing, and the Federal Income Tax Return.

FIT Automates:

  • Quarterly/Annual Current & Deferred Provisions
  • Nonadmitted Deferred Tax Asset Calculation
  • Note 9 Electronic & Hardcopy Disclosures
  • Tax Return Support & Preparation

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Current and Deferred Provision and Disclosures

The Current and Deferred Provision and Disclosure component develops the current and deferred federal income tax for statement reporting, including Note 9, based on the new SSAP 101. This component is included in both the annual and quarterly versions.

“The module definitely cleaned up some of my workpapers, and even better, every time I changed a number, I could turn to totally revised footnotes.”

Stat-to-Tax Workpapers

The Stat-to-Tax workpapers component extracts data from the annual statement and allows the preparer to make both tax adjustments and reclassifications for the 1120-L or 1120-PC returns. This component is included in the annual version of TCP.

“Speechless at all the calculations and documentation taking place. It's impressive.”

Tax Handbook in Help

Our expanded 2016 Tax Handbook is available as a context-sensitive Help file within the FIT software for an additional $550.

Release Date

The annual release will coincide with the TCP Annual Statement release during December. The quarterly release will be released with the quarterly statement version of TCP.

“I opened the footnote Part D page, and it's all completed, with the current values. All automatic.”


Pricing is based on the number of companies. Organizations using TCP (our Annual Statement software) qualify for preferred pricing. To receive a quote, submit a price request here.

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